Author archives: sbejarano

  • Adlee Ray

  • This was our third attempt to work together after our initial work last year.During our initial work there was so much work to do but so few time, at the same time it was our first photo-shoot together. Adlee Ray, Sunbathing We shot at her residence, she was very comfortable on her own domain[...]
  • Angela Brooke

  • It was a great photo shoot, she has been working with my friend Juan Gonzalez for a couple of years developing her photographic portfolio, I offered to do a boudoir photo shoot and we set the date. Very communicative from the very beginning and very professional, she wanted to know the theme and[...]
  • Beach Time

  • Yes is that time of the year when we all have vacations, it's called beach time.My family and myself go to the OBX, usually Southern Shores because is not only convenient but because is such a great location near the beach. Most people use this time for relaxation, or just to share with fami[...]
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