Colbie Elisabeth Carden

Miss Colbie is 20 years old.
Bubbly personality and really easy going, to me as a photographer was very nice to work with her, very professional, laid her expectations for the shoot and we agreed on what was going to be captured.
She is very objective and has a lot of patience to work with different moods of photographers, she enjoys posing in front of the camera and feels really comfortable in her own skin.

Model: Colbie Elisabet Carden Chattanooga,TN

During the two days that I had the opportunity to work with Miss Colbie, she never complained about absolutely anything, I gave her plenty of changes to ask for a break and she rejected and kept posing for the shoots, she was definitely into it and enjoyed the time working together as much as I did.

Her dreams include working for Play Boy, like AC/DC says, it’s hard to get to the top if you are gonna rock’n roll.
She has the right attitude and given the right coaching I am sure she can achieve anything she wants.

Some Boudoir shots.

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