Keira Grant

Yes, She is from Texas.
I was coming from Hershey PA from a company gathering and had to work one day before going for the weekend to the smoky mountains in TN for a workshop, still decided to book a photo shoot with beautiful Miss Keira Grant.
She is a very seasoned model, has more than 10 years working in front of the camera, saying this takes in count all the things that allow a model to be that long operative.
Good habits, great discipline and a sense of responsibility and professionalism.
She is a lean model with a fantastic body, there is no one gram of fat on that muscular body that she works like an acting spring in the bed.

Her posing has a lot of acting and facially she is very expressive.
Keira is super professional and understands clearly what you want to achieve, keep a good communication with her and she will do everything it takes to get that shot you dreamed about.

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