Beach Time

Yes is that time of the year when we all have vacations, it’s called beach time.
My family and myself go to the OBX, usually Southern Shores because is not only convenient but because is such a great location near the beach.

Most people use this time for relaxation, or just to share with family and friends, to me as a photographer is an opportunity to improve my photography interacting with nature and with people surrounding me.

The Outher Banks is a very beautiful community surrounded by the Ocean on the east part serves as a natural barreer to protect a body of water called “The Sound”, this body of water has several interconnecting channels through OBX that makes the scenery surreal and colorful at the same time.

I live in Waynesboro and it takes me 4 hours to get to the beach, my usual trip is bypassing Richmond and going South West across the beautiful swampy area of the Dismal state park, such a trip full of content and nature.
Whatever’s your plan this summer, make sure you are safe and enjoy the fantastic nature of this great country.

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