Angela Brooke

It was a great photo shoot, she has been working with my friend Juan Gonzalez for a couple of years developing her photographic portfolio, I offered to do a boudoir photo shoot and we set the date.

Very communicative from the very beginning and very professional, she wanted to know the theme and what type of makeup I was interested in, etc. She also mentioned that she was bringing an escort for her own protection which I find one of the best things a young or experienced model can do, better safe than sorry.

The photo shoot went as scheduled, we spend two hours shooting different ideas and it was really easy to work with Angela, she made constant changes and modifications and half way into the shoot she finally broke the ice and started presenting her real self.

Model: Angela Brooke

She has a fantastic look and light brown eyes with piercing eyebrows and a soft smile, her skin is flawless and her body is in super good shape.

I’ve been working a lot with mirrors in some of my latest shoots, it allows you to bring a little bit of diversion and a different perspective making your scene more rich and the presentation depending on the angle, more exotic.

Mirror Image

Some shots are simple reflection allowing me to be out of the field of sight of the model and this way she can contemplate herself in the mirror, for some reason this has a profound effect over the self esteem of the models, with very positive outcome.

Dual reflection

I will definitely work again with Miss Angela, there is so much to do and she is local , her rates for shooting are very affordable, if you are interested in working with her just reach her on Facebook at her Fan Page.

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