Adlee Ray

This was our third attempt to work together after our initial work last year.
During our initial work there was so much work to do but so few time, at the same time it was our first photo-shoot together.

Adlee Ray, Sunbathing

We shot at her residence, she was very comfortable on her own domain, I had a large trip from Waynesboro to Northern Virginia crossing all Springfield to get to Woodbridge, finally I arrived at 3PM,
We started as soon as I arrived, the plan was for 2 hours shoot, I set my lights which consisted on a soft box and an open strob, fixed my settings and started shooting.
She had a combination of Lingerie, tops and bikini to start which I loved.

Lingerie – Adlee Ray – NOVA

Adlee is one of those models that has a clear plan in her head about a shoot but at the same time she is open to guide and requirements posted by the photographer, she is a perfectionist and don’t feel bad if she finds things that could improve the image even if you didn’t think about it, I love working with such a smart individual.

Adlee Ray – Black and White

Definitely planning to work with her again, I just need to get my stuff together and plan something amazing that could mean the difference between an average shoot and something well planned.

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