Myrra Hixson

Myrra Hixson at the Hack Shack

This was my second photo shoot with Mrs. Hixson, in the beautiful Staunton VA.
Weeks before this shoot I spoke to my friend Kevin Wiseman if he could borrow me his shop for a photoshoot, he was delighted and I got to shoot at the Hack Shack.
Love the way this shop looks, very rustic and busy, has a place for every single tool you can imagine.

Myrra was wearing shorts and a top with snickers, we got rid of the sneakers later and shot barefoot!

Myrra Hixson – Motorcycle


Her posing is phenomenal and she adds this touch of acting.
This was my second photo shoot with Myrra, due to an error on my side, we ended up shooting one hour instead of two.
One hour delivered some stunning images and now I have a great location to shoot, that Hack Shack is a great place to produce amazing picture for Motorcycle and mechanic work related themes.

Myrra Hixson

We had three attires, the scope of work was just sport clothing and bikini, these bikes are custom made choppers, combine really well with leather or with any sport attire.

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